What Now? a World Without Keywords and Organic Facebook Reach

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 

Think Space

416 S Cedar St Suite C, Lansing, MI 48912



Andrea Funk, Too Cool T-shirt Quilts                                                       

Topic Clusters

HubSpot user since 2012 and Lansing HUG loyalist, Andrea Funk's always looking to adapt her marketing strategy to the newest technology and strategies. To pick up from our last HUG where Lisa Smith unveiled topic clusters — the cutting edge SEO strategy that is leaving keywords in the dust — Andrea will share how she is using HubSpot's Strategy tool to restructure the content on her site. If you're interested in seeing practical applications and getting to know the Strategy tool, you can't miss this. 



Sally Seck, InVerve Marketing

Social Media in 2018

InVerve's Inbound Manager will explore the dangers of platform dependency in light of Facebook's continuing squeeze on organic brand reach. How do we play within the algorithm and still bring people onto our site? How can brands leverage the power of social platforms without being at their mercy? Sally will share the changes InVerve has seen in organic reach on Facebook this year and provide you with actionable tools and strategies for social in 2018. 


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